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Farris Caristeas

210 lbs
5'11 ft
48 in
32 in
19 in
29 in
Just in from the exotic Balkans region of Southeastern Europe, Farris Caristeas will make you his next muscle worshiper. This Balkans sensation has set his sights on making it big-time in the bodybuilding world, and judging from his muscular and curvilinear shape, Farris is well on his way to success. Check out those shoulders and arms covered in a sexy tribal tattoo, that tight midsection, and of course, those bulging legs! For Farris, determination, perfection and sincerity are part of his mantra, and this makes him the perfect addition to our LMS line-up. It doesn’t hurt that Farris is super charming, and has a smile that could warm you on the coldest lonely night. Find out for yourself. Go private with Farris now, only at!

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  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • cokko great hard show!
  • 11dlandes Great show. Awesome shape. Amazing cock.
  • gotpex Awesome man in so many ways. His body is perfection, and his cock is as well. What a hot time with you, my friend. Thank you! xxoo
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Amazing muscles. Amazing cock. Amazing man!
  • skip0416 sexy ripped muscled body so hot
  • skip0416 amazing ripped pumped body super hot pecs great show
  • fitzguy he has the perfect attitude, body, dick and face
  • fitzguy fuck hes sexy
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body great performer awesome will make you cum so fast he is so hot and sexy
  • cokko very horny show 10*
  • skip0416 so ripped and vascular supper hot body amazing show
  • moscu he is the best ever<3 powerful
  • skip0416 Amazing ripped pecs show
  • skip0416 great ripped vascular body awesome show
  • TopVersLkng4Mscl Great performer! Very satisfying to watch.
  • fitzguy he is so horney, great body and a huge cock
  • samson9 So HOT and cooperative!
  • ebben20 Farris is more than top notch his lean very muscular body is to die for, he shows great veins. His tongue adds to the sensual experience and so do his great looks. His COCK and Hangers are to die for and his CUMshot is enormous. He is the very very very best on this site
  • ebben20 AWESOME AWESOME is the only way to describe MUSCLE GOD Farris.
  • ebben20 Farris is to me the GREATEST LOOKING on this site, HIS MUSCULARITY IS TOP-NOTCH. He is ALL MUSCLE with no body fat, HIS ARMS, PECS, ABS, BACK and LEGS are all equally well developed. This in combination with great looks, impressive tattoos and his monster cock, with great balls make him my favorite. HIGHLY recommended!!!
  • ebben20 Farris is a gorgeous build bodybuilder with a very lean muscular development, awesome arms, great pecs, incredible ABS, great LEGS and wonderful cock and hangers. Beside that he is a very handsome DUDE, he is a top ranker.
  • thebigguy simply the best.
  • alexp Very sexy guy.
  • jbird65 hot bod!
  • pier77 extremely hot!!!
  • cokko gorgious show!!!
  • 5150dw Once again an awesome show! Ripped, muscular, and vascular!
  • markjohn great!
  • 5150dw Awesome and ripped!
  • stephenc awesome poser, great body, the best
  • seanster998 Awesome!!
  • 5150dw Unbelievable muscle and so sexy!
  • musclelover_335 Damn. Guy is sheer perfection. Looks like his photos and very accommodating.
  • tropicstud Very tight!
  • cokko best show here! Gorgious abs. 10*
  • hugehotpecs Absolutely rock hard muscle!
  • pec_fetish Hot pecs and talk
  • musqlure Very hot guy! Incredible definition and proportions. Good poser and likes to talk.
  • cokko beautiful show and body!!!
  • livewest thx, i cum hard
  • seanster998 Awesome!!!!!
  • dcucci He is sexy and charming, there are not enough words to Describe his Hotness. For sure will be seeing him again prv, loved it.
  • 1989_freek so nice hes very satisfying
  • cokko great show
  • seanster998 Good Job!!
  • joshmx Very nice guy, likes to show off right away. He is not like others that take 3 minutes talking once you go into private, he gets into flexing right away if you want so. Very nice experience, amazing muscles.
  • luvpecsandarms Nice musculature.... gives a nice pec bounce.
  • cokko tx for the show BB!
  • Trucker2013 I would marry this beautiful man.
  • woofwuf very fuckn hot
  • Trucker2013 Farris is a beautiful man. So sexy, and friendly.
  • rackfan OMG, he is magnificent. Sublime muscleposer.
  • Meistergb Ran out of money bb
  • Meistergb What a fabulous guy - hot session - ran out of money!
  • frenchtriceps Extremely sexy man! Wow! And he Farris loves to flex!
  • britboy Completely sexy! The whole package!
  • romanv Nice show, he has experience, but there are better models.
  • webruce Wow, your awesome
  • logdavi30 big big cock mummm
  • free4me9541 AMAZING AS ALWAYS
  • rackfan OMG, this guy is sensational. Does all that you ask and he really explodes his muscles for you. Heaven for a musclefan like me.
  • Meistergb fabulous session!
  • samson9 So friendly, so hot, very cooperative, beautiful body all over!!
  • raph0659 great
  • mangrove007 Hot n'heavy, handsome, dark haired and large hard cock...very cooperative and very sexy.
  • spenny78 awesome show!!! amazing body!!!
  • Trucker2013 Wow! Farris made my day. What a sexy man and a nice guy too. I believe in love at first sight.
  • eddieg Farris is a great person. Great body. He looks better than ever.
  • dfyats Wonderful pleasure from a man who is sensitive and a natural showman. Handsome, sexy and cute all rolled into one! Very rare. Very appreciated. Take care Farris. I loved it! 5 red stars for passion!
  • powerlift The GOLDEN STANDARD for live muscle shows. Farris' shows is what the live muscles shows are all about. NOTHING BUT POSITIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND PURE PLEASURE. Fellows please check Farris' out on the Internet. This Man is on fire and off the chain. Farris is well worth your money, time and support. Life to too short for bull shitt, FARRIS IS THE REAL DEAL! Play hard and live harder. Powerlift
  • dfyats Beautiful legs. Handsome face. Adorable smile. Farris, I don't we aer done! Grrr! Balkin men....YES!
  • dfyats Very Nice!! What a man. Gets to the issue and does not disappoint. I'll be back. Thanks Farris.
  • housso His body is really beautiful and I feel in love with his face and tattoo
  • marcelo he is very sweet
  • romanv Very hot model!! I really reccomend him. He does averything you want to. Congratulations!!
  • gaymuscle44 good show
  • romanv Nice guy.Proffesional and cute!
  • maancora bellissimo
  • readynow hot hot hot
  • pritter Farris is the total package. Handsome, defined body, beautiful dick. Puts on a great show.
  • sean7 Thanks Farris .... awesome show.
  • sean7 Hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • monabitmore soooooooooooo hot
  • banjock awesome dude
  • reyisking awesome:) simply awesome
  • ponemu great show
  • aladdin252 WOOOW Simply PERFECT
  • william2bethe1 AMAZING body! WOW!!
  • cokko very exciting show! recommended!
  • jesserma great guy, friendly - awesome show
  • jonathanp the best
  • archangel1975 hot
  • jesserma great show - nice guy
  • buzcut Very nice guy. Sexy n hot body and handsome face tops it all. Highly recommended!
  • cokko wonderful show. very present and attentive to all wishes ; highly recommended!
  • shack____ great chest!
  • buzcut very hot body n handsome face. very obliging n friendly!
  • manner71 Oh wow what a god
  • cokko gorgious show. Farris do what you ask. beautiful body. recommanded
  • archangel1975 mmmmm
  • guapeton1 the best here
  • ponemu great show
  • deano sensational, great body
  • deano The best!!!
  • klonje38 wow!
  • takko A very HOT show ... thanks!
  • jake37 hottest fuckin guy ever!!!!!!!
  • jake37 hottest fuckin guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! period!!!!
  • jake37 great
  • jake37 this guy makes me cum just looking at him naked!!!!!!!!
  • jake37 fucking hot
  • satseryc The best
  • muscleadmire very sexy
  • robg123456 awesome
  • rosas133 love you bb
  • rosas133 loved it
  • flexurpecs4me hot pecs
  • jake37 nice!!
  • archangel1975 is ok i guess! could be better!
  • jake37 excellent
  • jake37 hot as hell
  • jake37 this guy is the hottest one on here!! Sexy, cool, and extremely hot ass and great show!! Well worth the $$$
  • jake37 nice body and great show!!! HIGHLY recommend
  • rushbruno EXCELLENT MODEL, very exotic and beautiful .. ONE OF MY FAVORITES
  • sean7 Farris is awesome! SOOOOOOO sexy and horny.
  • universel handsomest guy, very good performer
  • ahannan beautiful body; long, awesome dick and big balls...this guy is fucking amazing.
  • jake37 this guyis worth the $$$ and very sexy hard ripped

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