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Cheng Dun

205 lbs
5'7 ft
59 in
28 in
21 in
38 in
LMS takes great pleasure introducing you to Cheng Dun, who we bring to you directly from the exotic lands of the Asian Pacific Rim. When we discovered him during one of our voyages to his part of the world, we immediately knew Cheng would contribute just the right amount of hot and sexy Asian spice to Long and lean, with perfect musculature that’s encased in smooth and silky tanned skin, Cheng has the body and the ass of a mysterious young warrior. But don’t let that intimidate you, because out of all the muscle studs here on LMS, Cheng’s one of the sweetest, and you’ll know why we say that at soon as you see him smile. Contact Cheng, now, only at

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  • majikock perfection
  • ICBiceps2 His muscles are the best - the hugest and he is such a nice guy. Awesome!!!
  • Professional Really big pecs and super nice :)
  • jonboy25 Sexy as all hell
  • ardana So intense.
  • headz Sorry I had to end so quickly. You are amazing and a nice guy. All the best
  • ardana Remarkably talented and amazingly put together.
  • ICBiceps2 The biggest arms I have ever seen such a great guy too!!!
  • bgbicep amazing.
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • andariel Su cuerpo es una obra de arte.
  • ardana Phenomenal.
  • icbiceps Has the greatest arms ever!!!
  • ardana Stunning!!!!!!
  • skip0416 Amazing ripped body great show
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • ardana Good solid model with a great deal of sex appeal.
  • prp002 time waster
  • ardana Hottest model on the site. Atomic.
  • jwest1 awesome body and personality as always
  • andariel Stunningly vascular and hot.
  • ardana such a stud
  • ardana Superb
  • ardana Incredible artist. Very good aesthetic show.
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • ardana Simply an incredible muscle model. He gives only the best.
  • ardana He is a superb fitness model.
  • ardana Always a phenom!!!!!!!!
  • jpe2016 Cheng is most handsome with a stunning body and his flexing is
  • bigbeardad so wonderful
  • ardana Terrific.
  • ardana One of the best models ever on this site.
  • prp002 ok
  • ardana Superb muscle show and monstrous muscles--all over.
  • mikelongbeach Jawn is fabulous, beautiful, and a stud. Love the hairy pits.
  • ardana He is a phenom and a beast. An incredible bodybuilder with true determination and grit.
  • skip0416 the best
  • icbiceps Cheng has the greatest body in the universe His muscles are the best
  • mikelongbeach Best pecs and nipples in the universe
  • skip0416 amazing body so huge after competition
  • shibui4 You are spectacular. Will be back
  • ardana Compelling.
  • ardana Tremendo
  • andariel Extremely impressive. He is a beast.
  • andariel Superb.
  • ardana A phenom.
  • ardana Stunning.
  • latinmuscle30 very sexy
  • ardana Perfection. His body is a masterpiece.
  • mikelongbeach Cheng is superman .... the very best !!!!!
  • ardana Truly a muscle god.
  • ardana Incredible stud.
  • ardana A phenom.
  • ardana 100% pure bodybuilder and an awesome individual.
  • ardana Tremendous!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ardana Awesome.
  • ardana Incredible. More than 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • andariel Perfect
  • andariel Phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • andariel Incredibly intense.
  • andariel Superb
  • icbiceps Cheng is incredible. His muscles are beyond huge and he knows how to flex them He is amazing!
  • andariel Great performer.
  • tomc1989 awesome show! hes a big man and growing fast!
  • jonboy25 Super sexy
  • jonboy25 So sexy!!
  • icbiceps He is simply incredible! He is amazing! Flexing is great muscle size is beyond belief!
  • icbiceps The BEST ever - He keeps on improving on his physique
  • wkeith2 very nice body
  • kvad SO VERY HOT
  • icbiceps He is amazing his muscles are incredible! WOW!
  • icbiceps He has the best body ever! His flexing is amazing! WOW is all I have to say WOW!
  • icbiceps Had a bit of trouble with the video - but his muscles shown through WOW!! CHENG IS THE BEST!!
  • mikelongbeach You have the best pecs and nipples ... superb
  • icbiceps He has the most amazing body - he is so ripped - his chest, lats, arms - and his smile is out of this world!
  • icbiceps He is awesome!
  • ardana Great model. Simply one of the best here.
  • icbiceps WOW - Cheng is incredible - AMAZING - HUGE and such a cute smile WOW!!!
  • ardana Tremendous performer.
  • mikelongbeach You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • smoothkd HE'S A BEAST!
  • ardana Su piel es como una obra de arte.
  • tomc1989 awesome body, growing VERY big¬!
  • ardana PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!
  • ardana Perfection.
  • ardana Incredibly hot!!!!!!!!!
  • tiger15 awesome, just awesome
  • ardana The best.
  • mento0riento Cheng is perfection!!!
  • mento0riento sulit bitin
  • icbiceps He is the greatest - the hugest - the cutest smile. WOW! I am in awe of his huge muscles!
  • icbiceps His muscles are beyond amazing. He flexes them perfectly. AMAZING MAN - fantastic smile.
  • ardana Great guy.
  • dreamer69 Beautiful smile and charming personality. Wish he was my boyfriend LOL
  • Illyana Without a doubt, the sexiest and finest model on this site. His body is like a priceless work of art and his smile is so compelling.
  • kunggg great show
  • ardana Perfection.
  • ardana The perfect model on LMS
  • ardana Fascinating and incredibly captivating.
  • ardana Incredibly hot.
  • gymjocksports Thanks - the best show. His smile lights up the camera.
  • ardana Masterfully delightful.
  • ardana Hot model with the hottest show!
  • ardana Tremendous.
  • icbiceps Fantastic body - incredible muscles WOW
  • icbiceps so incredible flexing and muscles so huge greatest smile such a nice guy TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
  • icbiceps Cheng is incredible. He has the hugest biceps. Always a great show and a fantastic smile.
  • ardana tremendous
  • ardana Superb.
  • ardana Perfect.
  • ardana Fun
  • ardana Tremendous
  • ardana The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • andariel Perfect in every way.
  • andariel Good model. I am crazy. Ignore my other feedback about him.
  • ardana Amazing guy. Worth every penny.
  • ardana Remarkable
  • ardana Perfecto!
  • andariel Very good.
  • dseag2 What a gorgeous man with a great body and beautiful smile! 5 Stars!
  • ardana Very entertaining.
  • razoo1959 Cheng Dun was wonderful!
  • andariel Very memorable.
  • ardana Worthy of praise.
  • ardana Wonderful!
  • ardana Fantastic experience.
  • ardana Wonderful guy!
  • ardana Great guy.
  • ardana Wonderful performer.
  • ardana Atomic performer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely sizzling!
  • ardana Remarkable physique and posing
  • icbiceps Amazing muscles. Incredible flexing. Great personality. FANTASTIC!!!
  • icbiceps He is awesome totally incredible body - great smile Wonderful flexer! WOW
  • ardana Always incredible.
  • rtpp123 just smiles
  • ardana Super hot show
  • sneak1123 Two words: The Best
  • ardana Sizzling performer
  • tiger15 can't get enough of him.
  • tiger15 holy shit really hot! will do anything
  • renboy simply amazing.
  • amadeus27 Well, you didn't really show what you promised, but you are so beautiful. Thanks. You will have to show more for next time...if there will be a next time. amadeus
  • MaxwellSr Sey guy. Great body cute smile.
  • amadeus27 Thank you so much for this pvt. Next time maybe you will show all ... like you did last time. Love you!!
  • ardana blazing show--so hot
  • maancora nice ass
  • ardana Great model. One of the best!
  • msclver hot & sweet & pleasing
  • amadeus27 You are the sweetest guy with most perfect body!! Thank yo so much for showing me all of you!!!
  • amadeus27 You are the sweetest guy with most perfect body!! Thank yo so much for showing me all of you!!!
  • icbiceps Cheng is A # 1 THE TOP THE BEST - He has a great smile, the most perfect muscular body ever! The greatest arms, and he can pose amazingly! He is totally awesome!
  • amadeus27 You are awesome dude! I will buy more time for front naked! :)
  • shaun What a great guy
  • ardana Superb performer
  • ardana Incredible performer. The best!
  • healy Cheng Dun not only has an incredible body and sweet smile, he is a nice and respectfl guy too. A first class experience.
  • ardana Great chat. Always interesting.
  • maancora great ass
  • ronjak Very sweet man. Always smiling... puts on a good show. Real bodybuilder here...
  • ardana Sizzling performance!
  • healy Cheng Dun looks better than ever and has a great personality. To take him private is a treat.
  • ardana Great show. One of the best on the site.
  • ardana Incredible model!
  • ardana Nice chat.
  • ardana Great model. Always interesting.
  • ardana Good chat. Great body.
  • ardana Atomic perfomer!
  • ardana Great guy. Fun chat.
  • ardana Incredible performer. Well worth it!
  • jeffj very good
  • ardana another incredibly hot show!
  • ardana Good chat with a very sexy and great guy!
  • ardana Hot show. Always entertaining.
  • ardana Great chat and good posing. One of the best on LMS!
  • ardana Always a hot performer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • straydread1 great body, but keeps freezing
  • ardana Terrific session.
  • ardana Very good time.
  • ardana Great performer. He never disappoints.
  • ardana Good chat and a very hot show. Well worth it!
  • ardana Excellent performance!
  • ardana Always incredible.
  • bryce123 A terrific show by Cheng Dun
  • ardana Great show. Very good conversation. Great posing!
  • ardana Always the best!
  • icbiceps He has the greatest arms I've seen THE BEST
  • rocky55 Cheng Dun, is a great guy with a superstar smile and perfect body that he definitely knows how to use.
  • ardana Nice chat.
  • ardana Great guy!
  • musqlure Cheng is getting ready for a competition in the next couple of weeks, and he looks ready. Beautiful smile too.
  • icbiceps Cheng is incredible. THe best flexer ever. His muscles are so huge and so cut and he has total control over every flex. You will be thrilled!!!
  • mikelongbeach wow ..... great .....
  • ardana Good posing. Good conversation. Fun.
  • mitho19 100 Points
  • stpeterson very nice!
  • msclver sexy & friendly. hot..
  • icbiceps Cheng was a great poser - incredible muscles - fantastic arms - super huge amazing! And a real nice guy! Incredible!
  • raph0659 great !!
  • ardana Simply perfect in every way.
  • musqlure Very handsome young straight BBer from the Philippines. Beautiful body and a friendly attitude. Good poser as well. Definitely worth the price of admission. If you like Asian musclemen, this dude is going to be perfect for you.
  • ardana Wonderful guy. Very accomodating and sincere.
  • musqlure New guy. Very friendly with a very hot body. Does some sexy dancing. Gorgeous hairy armpits!
  • danmadsen67 Beautiful body, handsome face. awesome symmetry.
  • ardana Great guy. Gives a wonderful show.
  • powmusblo84 grat body, great person! Thanks for the show!
  • teddy83 great :)
  • sakusen Wow! Just wow!
  • aaron1234 Good!
  • markon WOW he is in a great shape. I like his poses so much. He gives a great muscle show.
  • sakusen Very nice!
  • captaindad2 very hot man - total muscle package.....huge smile and handsome as hell........