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Big Xander

250 lbs
5'11 ft
53 in
32 in
22 in
32 in
Big Xander is a champion bodybuilder and a Latin super hero who also just so happens to be a very friendly guy. Xander stands 5’11” tall and weighs in at 230 lbs. of pure grade-A beefy Spanish ‘carne’. This man is huge all over, with amazing vascularity and definition. He’s always super lean and in peak physical condition, he loves to flex and show off, and is a true muscle stud exhibitionist. But beyond that, Xander’s masculine, passionate, and intense personality, combined with his overall irresistibility and sexiness, altogether in one big beefy package, keep many LMS members yearning for more private time. Our members contact him over and over again for hot private sessions. See for yourself, right now, what all the excitement’s about over Big Xander, at or

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  • Professional So thrilled I caught him online again.. amazing, come back more often King :)
  • Wildo13 really good :)
  • mmk090267 the PERFECT MUSCLE STUD!!
  • johntlew Hot. Will be back for one on one.
  • dzzl wow - what a superman!
  • dzzl thank you sexy! hugs thomas
  • skip0416 amazing huge pumped ripped muscle so hot
  • skip0416 incredible huge ripped massive body hot show
  • Omegapussy Very huge and ripped and massive
  • macharrow Awesome body :)
  • showoffpls Perfect <3
  • Stankchile Hottie
  • eden64 Hot show!
  • skinnyboi huge
  • jakeflex very hot need a one on one very soon big guy
  • alex_28 So big, massive and hot! wow!
  • calvin8 Great show as always!
  • mmk090267 Amazing as always! So big and beautiful!
  • topguywest beautiful man
  • dav98 So worth the wait. What an amazing body and chest especially.
  • patcarr Nice bis and great bouncing pecs.
  • showmepecz Always a pleasure to see! If you haven't had a pvt with him, definitely give him a try :)
  • gizmojizz Big Xander is such a sweetheart! Beautiful body and great personality. I'm in love!
  • TeethandRibs GREAT!
  • mmk090267 totally amazing!!! so big and so cool!
  • sweden52 Such a hot and handsome man with a winning smile that only enhances his strong well-built and large muscular body. Always a treat to see him pose!
  • leviguy Big Xander is the BEST. he has an amazing body- one of the best in the world. And best of all, he is a wonderful guy. I visit him often>
  • luckydrew78 Wow, amazing, and he does what you ask, I will be back for more...thank you !!!
  • bigmauri the hottest guy on the site !!!!!
  • tony69 He was great. Best ass show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5150dw Nice cum show! Unbelievable vascularity and muscles!
  • housso VERY beefy! Amazing performer!
  • tagg27 What a man!
  • TruckerBeau I love him. What a hunk of man-meat! He's a nice guy, too.
  • eden64 Hot man!
  • roidman Awesome!!!
  • 00muscle00 beautiful muscle man amazing body
  • bronxnyc huge and ripped and does what you him
  • skip0416 the best show around huge ripped muscle pecs to die for and those huge 22 inch arms great show awesome
  • TruckerBeau I love this man! So masculine with a gigantic cock.
  • skip0416 so huge the pecs are like huge melons that dance to no end what muscle control on the pecs to make each pec dance truly amazing guy
  • clair An incredible man
  • AtlPup OH my GOD this guy is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! His size and thickness are out of this world. Great flexing !! Man he is amazing. I will come back to see him for sure
  • webruce awesome I will be back for more
  • musc_frea thank you!
  • roidman the beast! a beast here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • roidman spectscular monster
  • skip0416 always the best the best ripped vascular body always makes you proud does anything you ask a true performer on here awesome
  • skip0416 what a amazing ripped body contest ready and so vascular the best on the site now awesome big zander
  • Asburypark always at his hottest
  • frskyfeler Xander....there is a reason they call him Big Xander, believe me. And such a great guy. Thanks again buddy!
  • dl2xar7m amazing
  • aaron1234 AMAZING!
  • dl2xar7m excellent!
  • Trucker2013 This is a real man. So masculine and sexy. Worth every minute and dollar.
  • yasinx20 BEST
  • sweden52 Big Xander is one of the best men on this site. He is very accommodating and gives his all in his shows. He's one hot hunk of Man!
  • Trucker2013 The most masculine man - so sexy!
  • loodegay the best
  • eden64 hot!
  • lbljunior023 HOT & HUGE!!!!!
  • lovemuscle63 great guy...realy HUGE and loves to show it
  • yasinx20 biggest arms
  • Asburypark best muscle on this site...
  • clueless888 awesome. does everything
  • yasinx20 the best arms the biggest LOVE IT
  • eden64 great! hot man!
  • hotstuff great show!
  • nj35 Amazing show!!!
  • bobby3817 Beautiful body! Nice person!
  • laurentis PERFECT
  • sweden52 Xander gives a great show, gives his All. He's one huge power-house and will give a great show!
  • SeanJM impressive muscle man, love seeing this guy show off...
  • tommyw i loved it you Rock!
  • misterbigboy123 hot as hell
  • frskyfeler Uh........AWESOME!!! Pushes all the right buttons and a great guy.
  • luvpecsandarms Hot, hot show! Man I love those pecs on that guy!
  • bluefoot311 OMG you are best!
  • luvpecsandarms Damn that was hot!
  • laurentis very nice, HUGE and cool guy
  • Trucker2013 What a great man! He is kind, which makes him even sexier.
  • Meistergb beautiful body, hairy chest and great cock! I want that Spanish prick!
  • mangrove007 Such a great sexy big guy. Very pleasant and he's very cooperative and a pleasure to spend time with. He's hairy now, so even more sexy!
  • lbljunior23 huge & hairy
  • jeeb yeah
  • mustang2012 Xander is a great performer and one of the best show I have attended. Extremely hot show
  • rohrlegger great show, great performer
  • bigguy Xander is so fantastic. I love hairy muscle and he is one of the few guys on here that fits that profile. Great private show
  • bluefoot311 he made me so cumming
  • luvpecsandarms what a gorgeous chest! and the fur is so nice. loved the show
  • gizmojizz Big Xander is a kind, sweet gentleman and makes you want to cuddle with him. His hairiness is a real turn on and for sure one of his best features.
  • aaron1234 the best of the best!
  • spinoza Very powerful and dominant man. He also puts on an excellent posing demonstration. Muy macho.
  • beardedwolf Beautiful giant of a man. Very kind
  • Trucker2013 Xander is a phenom! Very accommodating. The guy understands what it means to be masculine. Kudos!
  • dl2xar7m very good show
  • robg123456 As always a beast that lives up to his promise!
  • gizmojizz Xander is the hottest guy on this site. Big, hairy, friendly and just an overall nice guy. I get off chatting with him all the time. I love when he poses. So erotic.
  • mrbody1959 This guy must be straight. He is an uncut diamond and there is some very lucky girl in Spain sleeping with him but he plays along with his audience brilliantly and delivers every time. He must rank amongst the 5 top things to do when you visit Madrid.
  • mrbody1959 Big Xander is a god. He never disappoints and he is a real man's man. He has a terrific body and is awesome in private
  • bludog75 This man is soooo hot!!!! Well worth your time.
  • gsplover thanks.... so nice that you're so accommodating ;) love those big, bouncing, hairy, pecs What was your name again? too bad you're also not on something line adam4adam or eve facebook or something.... ed
  • mangrove007 greast, hairy, super chest
  • gsplover Want to do it again soon. I sure liked the show!
  • gizmojizz Xander is the king. His is hot and hairy and ready for action. What a hunk!
  • muscleride He is always the best and so generous!
  • gizmojizz Xander's getting bigger and bigger everytime I see him. I like that he's trimmed his body hair. Shows off all of his muscles really well. Hot hot hot!
  • Tony667 He was very very very HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • geller50000 awesome
  • aaron1234 So, so good, as usual. Nicest and best!!
  • bigguy Xander is the greatest. Beautiful hairy muscle and a great guy. WOW!
  • gizmojizz I think Xander is the hottest guy on here. He is a gentle giant, a true gentleman that gives and deserves respect. His hairiness shows off his masculinity. He is one great performer and a great show.
  • brian1_ too much time wasted - just sat there for a few minutes
  • rob24 What a sweet, friendly, and hot man! You should do yourself a favor and take him private. He won't disappoint you!
  • luismiguelagain Great muscle show...
  • ctaylor1816 big xander is very sexy big muscle hunk
  • romanv Xavier is always eager to please and I love his attitude. Highly recommended. Super cute and has a great body gym.
  • musclefansf Awesome ALL Man ALL Muscle Perfect!
  • mmk090267 Ok, Big Xander could not be any more perfect! The best and worth every minute and every penny. Even when I had connection issues, he was really cool and kept up the show. So awesome - perfect body and such a nice guy! Sweet!
  • MaxwellSr Great show!
  • azteca29 Super show!!!!!
  • gizmojizz Xander's show keeps getting better and better and I love the quality better than ever. He is one sweet muscle man!
  • mustang2012 Great show never disapoint
  • mamattarazzo Such a nice guy with an amazing body. Looking better than ever!
  • dl2xar7m highly recommended
  • jc58 Great guy, great body, very responsive.
  • looker888 soooo hawt
  • bigguy the greatest. Wonderful hairy muscle and a truly wonderful man. He is great to play with and is great with fantasy. You will love this man.
  • inque88 he is awesome and so huge
  • animale Awesome!
  • turnbullac :)
  • mustang2012 AMAZING no other words can define this guy , all the muscle are at the right place
  • muscleride He is the best and a wondeful guy!!
  • gizmojizz Bix Xander gets sexier and sexier every time I see him. He is more muscular, leaner and hairier. A great combination!
  • jsss2223 HES SO FUCKIN HOT AND HUGE!!!!!!
  • captaink He was wonderful. AWESOME muscles, sexy hairy body, showed me everything I asked for and was VERY friendly. BEST ON THE SITE BY FAR.
  • buster Amazing legs and does what he promises
  • mum4fun Xander is truly the most incredible man alive! Kind, passionate and intense in all the right ways! He's sexually dynamic and full of raw power!
  • musclefansf Awesome
  • ufhot1 Great guy!! Amazing body and love to body hair
  • bodyman5 Xander is huge and shows all that u want. Great show and very satisfied. Great personality!!!
  • buster Amazing
  • doved22 huge....
  • bodyman5 U are so sexy. Just my type of man all man !!!!
  • mustang2012 Great pvt if I could give a higher rating I would
  • the_bi_guy Pretty damn gallery. Although I personally think this should be updated to show off more of his hairiness as well as how big he's gotten. :)
  • buster nice big legs great
  • dl2xar7m perfect show
  • bigguy Big Xander continues to be so great if you love muscle and you love beautiful body hair. Greatest show. Love this fantastic man!!
  • mustang2012 Always a great show and very attentive to your request
  • gizmojizz I love the hairiness. He is so masculine and muscular. And also very kind and a great sense of mutual respect. Yum!!!
  • marcelo he is big and sweet
  • romanv Big Xander is the best of all models!. He was very attentive to do what I wanted him to show me. He has a great body and was undressing slowly becoming naked and he started masturbating until!!! jajaja Super show and he is a great guy!
  • marcaobrazil wonderful butt and very accomodating!!!!
  • bigguy Xander is the greatest. Just had a fabulous show with him. If you love hairy muscle, then Big Xander is your man. In addition he shows off a big hard muscle cock. I love to play with this great guy.
  • gizmojizz Xander is looking bigger and sexier than ever. I love his masculine hairiness and his sweet, kind demeanour. I will always be a big fan of his.
  • cologneguy Awesome
  • the_bi_guy Without a doubt one of the sexiest beasts here on this site. Very polite, willing to be as sexy as you want him to be and the added facial and chest hair makes him look masculine as hell! Definitely recommended for those are into the big, beastly kinda guys!
  • romanv Nice show!!!. He seems to be a bit nervous, but excellent body and attitude! I reccomend him!
  • daveboston Awesome guy, Awesome body
  • romanv Nice guy! Very patiente and he does what you want to. I realle recommend him!
  • gonzonica7 the shows keep getting better and better with him especially now that he is hairy makes everything the more sweeter. I will keep coming back for u Xander u are truly my favorite man on this show
  • gizmojizz Always hot, always ready!
  • aaron1234 literally the best on this site, even though he doesn't have sound!
  • dl2xar7m He is a friendly and great performer. Huge muscles and a pleasant personality.
  • joenyc great show, great body
  • gizmojizz Xander is the best on here and so very accommodating! Loving him!
  • gizmojizz Just Love Xander.
  • sweden52 Awesome man w/a great smile and very handsome. Has great pecs, biceps and quads. Best show on here!
  • scotty as always superb
  • gizmojizz Xander is such a sweetheart. Not only are his muscles big everywhere, he is very intelligent, personable and lovely fellow with a great sense of humour. I enjoy immensely my private sessions with Xander. I highly recommend going private with him!
  • gizmojizz Xander is a extremely hot, nice, affable and accommodating model. He was a sweetheart and am planning to do more private shows with him.
  • bbb90 Massive quads a must see
  • jesserma great show, very friendly and accomodating. A nice guy!
  • glatze36muc Great perfomer - gret show - just a perfect body!
  • scotty fantastic show
  • free90 Great show! always awesome!
  • sweden52 Such an awesome man, who poses and flexes every part of his body. His knowledge of weight-training is vast too. Nice to see a man who puts his mind to a goal - building up his body and produces great results. Best show on this site!
  • alex8881 looks good
  • glatze36muc What a man! What a show! he is amazing! And friendly!
  • speedorod Great body and solid legs. very good show as well.
  • tndavid so hot and gorgeous!!
  • banjock hot as hell
  • sweden52 Great show, great size, nice personality, always a pleasure, does any pose, really a BIG man!
  • muscletom Xander is terrific performer, lots of muscle, huge size, and great personality. Knows how to show off his muscles. All makes for a great performance.
  • muscletom Big Xander is simply the best. Big, beautiful muscles, can bounce those pecs likw no other, and nipples to enjoy over and over again. Wow, Big Xander is a great performer.
  • glorious9er Great in all respects Got the tool to match the physique
  • gonzonica7 probably the best performer in live muscle show listens to his customer and really cares for them makes sure they get the best experience they can get from him..... will be coming back for more xander :)
  • bob46 This guy is really nice and has a terrific body.
  • jockdaddy hot body and willing to show off just as I asked!
  • rob24 Xander is amazing......His heart is just as big as his biceps......IF THAT'S POSSIBLE! A great guy and a definite MUST-SEE in private!
  • manner71 so hot huge guy great body luvved every minute
  • servemuscle I am in love :)
  • ibenmu He is a GOD!
  • khanocopia enjoyed it
  • ipterra great men
  • pitchboy GREAT as always!
  • eden64 hot man!
  • rob24 Xander is AWESOME!!! Don't miss the chance to see this big guy for youself! He's got the biggest damn guns on LMS!!!
  • mateo001 Really great personable performer. I love the cornfed whiteboy look he has. Plus the rugged handsomeness is very sexy!
  • jesserma great show, nice guy!!
  • muscleride he is the best..can't say enough!!!!!
  • mitho19 100
  • free90 Amazing!
  • ddmcle BIG Muscle and not scared to show it... love the flex show.
  • pitchboy Great show as always
  • pitchboy SUPERB!
  • gatewayday hotie!!!!
  • pawdude Seeing BIG X flex - It's like flying first class.
  • lvmuscle nice
  • ibenmu Best Show Ever!
  • luvmuscle He's huge all over and really delivers.
  • eden64 great man..hard!
  • larz001 This guy is fuckin HUGE...EVERYWHERE!
  • manner71 this is one big guy very nice to see
  • bigguy Xander has a great body and he loves to show it off. Had just a short session but will be back for me with this true muscle god.
  • johnpaul Thanks gonna tip yo as well, we'll talk and go longer sometime soon! Thanks Xander! It was so much fun!!!! John-Paul
  • pawdude KEEP GROWING BRO :)
  • codyman Phenomenal physique! Gargantuan biceps! Nice man
  • flexurpecs4me htcan you bounce your pecs?
  • slave2bigxander Big Xander is my favourite muscle man in the whole world. Handsome face, awesome muscles and such a nice guy too :)
  • XOTigre Big and beefy!
  • pawdude Yo - that was nice - nice flexing Hermano!
  • pawdude Dude you ROCK
  • luvmuscle Thanks!
  • jbuck3 great show man.
  • pjaecfof I love his smile... and his body is gorgeous, toned, and hard!

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