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190 lbs
5'9 ft
44 in
28 in
18 in
26 in
The newest LMS model Alexander is a treat for everybody who loves young bodybuilders, college jocks and wrestlers. This man has it all. You will not only be tempted by his incredible physique and his charm, but this man is a flirt as well. You really want some fun?? Take Alexander private and you will love worshipping a physique from heaven.

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  • Neckguy Wow probably the top 1% of the hottest guys here. So gorgeous and accommodating.
  • dw5150 WHAT A BEAST!!!!
  • cornwall Catch this Beast while he's mega-Hot!
  • Kinsemini incredible so hot
  • majikock incredible guy so friendly and hot
  • dw5150 Awesome show with huge muscles, so hot and sexy!!!!
  • Enello Always great show. He is so boooom!
  • joed WOW! Perfect body
  • celerina great show - go private and enjoy - highly recommend - great body - sexy poser
  • vabbva A real bodybuilder. Nice guy, too. If you like big, beautiful muscle, he's perfect for you
  • dw5150 He has grown so much! Huge muscles!
  • rfurrymen Amazing ass. Turned me on.
  • skip0416 amazing pumped muscle show ripped and vascular great show
  • fitzguy this guy is so sexy
  • ventnor Beyond HOT. And growing HOTter by the hour.
  • 5150dw Huge and pumped!!!!!
  • Jackson2 so hot so sensual and willing, great show, definitely enjoys himself
  • 5150dw What a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ts2k17 always a great performer!!!
  • alex_28 This man is really handsome and HOT!! Thank you so much!
  • mrcmrcmr thank you, aswesome
  • 5150dw Sexy man, handsome good looks, what a guy!
  • 5150dw Huge and ripped, loves to put on a good, quality show!
  • alex_28 wow, so hot! very sexy guy!
  • cokko Very nice show!
  • 5150dw Always a great show, never disappointing!
  • 5150dw Never disappointing!
  • 5150dw Fucking super sexy!
  • vabbva BIG MUSCLE ! and a nice guy, too. He gives a great show !
  • woofwuf very sexy man! 5 stars
  • bravomuscle Never a let down.
  • bravomuscle Ecstasy!
  • mmk090267 sweet!
  • bravo_post Nice young sexy muscle!
  • cokko big horny show tx a lot!
  • 5150dw Talk about a sexy beast.... Holy shit! He is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pistolp perfection :)
  • 5150dw He always makes me explode! Wow, what a show!
  • dermo fantastic no messing great show
  • 5150dw Words cannot describe what a great show he puts on!!!!
  • skinnyboi cutie...loved him
  • Musclepaddy HOT
  • 5150dw Unbelievably awesome!!
  • 5150dw Awesome!
  • markjohn thanks great
  • flicka AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  • Argento500 amazing
  • 5150dw Thank you!!!!! Awesome performance!
  • luvpecsandarms hot arms on this man.... horny too
  • tropicstud Very kinky and hot!
  • seanster998 Great show man!!
  • came82 Excellent show!!! I really recommend him.
  • dmont So hot and muscular. Really nice.
  • 5150dw Alex is a must for anyone looking for tight, flexing muscle! He is great in private, especially when you get to know him!
  • 5150dw Unbelievable, awesome man and ALWAYS gives a great show!
  • 5150dw Always a great show! Very accommodating!
  • wrl179 Alex is an outstanding and unique performer! He listens to you, then exceeds your expectations! We'll do it again, Alex! A million stars, Alex!
  • 5150dw Awesome cum shot! Great performer!
  • 5150dw Great guy that knows how to make you go crazy!!!
  • 5150dw Great guy, flexes hard and loves to show off!
  • Muscle_freak335 Great show and the model was very nice and professional. Very knowledgeable about nutrition and health too! Great personality to talk too tonight.
  • offmynuts awesome very sexy
  • TruckerBeau I want this man; he is so sexy.
  • roco19 hot and sweet guy
  • luvpecsandarms nice show from Alex..... great muscles and very accommodating
  • reyisking nice hole...
  • Artist212 Thank u fantasy cum true xxxx mmmmmmmm
  • negreira very hot will do whta ever you wanted
  • Artist212 mmm thank you xxx