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Joseph Blessed

200 lbs
5'6 ft
49 in
29 in
19 in
27 in
Joseph is indeed Blessed - with a huge and perfect body, great proportion, fantastic vascularity. This bodybuilder has everything you want in your muscle men - he poses, he flexes, he shows you every single inch of his ideal body. Not a bit shy, all you have to do is ask, and Joseph promises to deliver. Only at!

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  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • chris_muscles Joseph is an absolute muscle god. Seeing him in posers lifting weights is a true sight to behold. A total Hercules
  • detor97 Always a pleasure with Joseph! Such a good sport and made me cum!!!
  • skip0416 amazing contest ready ripped body made me cum so fast awesome show all oiled up
  • skip0416 amazing muscled vascular body the best body so ripped awesome show
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Joseph is one of the most accommodating muscle guys. He is never a disappointment in private
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 AMAZING MUSCLES
  • skip0416 amazing ripped pumped body awesome show
  • skip0416 amazing again
  • sw4matt Awesome
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the best on here
  • skip0416 amazing
  • gotpex Joseph Blessed is a monster muscle man who loves to show off and flex hard. A total pleasure being with you, my friend!
  • Pinoy3838 Thank you
  • skip0416 amazing hot pump session great show in gym all pumped
  • Mako That was so hot, thank you Joseph!
  • Kinsemini the perfect guy, friendly and so sexy
  • woodysf Great show
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Joseph is the best and he never disappoints me
  • BigMuscleGA WOW, what a body !!!!!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 So huge and so accommodating! Never a disappointment
  • judges98 Such a perfect body!!!
  • woodysf great
  • matt22 Great body gives you what you ask for great show
  • kraykid amazing
  • skip0416 amazing pumped oiled muscle
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Take Joseph private. You will not be disappointed.
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Huge muscle monster!!
  • skip0416 amazing pumped body
  • skip0416 another incredible muscle show
  • skip0416 amazing pumped muscle so hot and hot cock and cum show one total package
  • LoveMuscleandFeet So much huge muscle!!!
  • hornypinoyboi so hot thanks!!!!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Just one HUGE muscle stud
  • skip0416 amazing hot body can control every muscle in his body aweome the best
  • skip0416 amazing hot muscle show and cum
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • skip0416 amazing hot muscles body greatest
  • seanster998 Awesome!!
  • dorphy the most amazing muscle worship cum show when he's body is in the rippest competition mode! Absolutely stunning and he's a true man of his words and came for me... Thank you!
  • dorphy great muscle body!
  • unknown3432 so fucking hot
  • skip0416 amazing ripped pumped body incredible show
  • Nopainogain always the best, sweet and rough, very open to suggesstions and very kind
  • skip0416 amazing hot ripped massive body awesome show
  • LoveMuscleandFeet The best muscle show ever
  • Nopainogain greatest poser ever
  • skip0416 hot ripped muscle show awesome posing the best
  • skip0416 great pumped muscle show
  • LoveMuscleandFeet He is HUGEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Nopainogain Best poser ever. While and sexy
  • majikock Amazing
  • skip0416 amazing hot muscle show
  • skip0416 Hot muscle show
  • bigrob5891 A wonderful and sexy guy!!!
  • lovebigmuscles5 so fucking hot
  • skip0416 amazing muscle show
  • gemini74 awesome
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • Kga1947 The biggest and the best. Great thick muscle.
  • Kga1947 The greatest guy.
  • Kga1947 Sensational guy
  • Kga1947 The best!
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • bigrob5891 He is very well built. Sexy as hell. Good show!!!
  • krazykid great
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • rmnh77 Such a nice guy and great body
  • pokerface Simply amazing
  • abcggd He is the best!
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • skip0416 amazing ripped spectacular body the best
  • dansneaker Simply amazing!!!
  • shyguy Explosive power!!!!!
  • MusclePower THE BEST ON HERE !
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • seanster998 Perfect!!
  • pennbp1 The best!
  • frskyfeler Awesome, he is simply awesome! And ready to hit the stage, ripped to shreds. THANKS!
  • nakedmuscle25_ the best show ever.
  • skip0416 amazing body
  • hornypinoyboi Wonderful show, keeps getting more toned and bigger every time I see him. Never fails to satisfy, totally worth it!!!!!
  • Tiger41 impressive
  • subscriber111 hot body, hot cock, sexy as f**k
  • skip0416 the best muscled body
  • gamartinezz loooove his muscles
  • roidman awesome show! He does all you ask! no wast your time and money!A+++++++++++++
  • Edumacedo very good
  • seanster998 Fantastic!!!!
  • nakedmuscle25_ best show ever.
  • bbambm Great show. Has put on lots of muscle.
  • Tiger41 amazing
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!!!!!
  • skip0416 wow what an amazing ripped body and can he work it the best
  • frskyfeler Truly an amazing guy!
  • rohit7827 very big and sexy,, freindly tooo,, did exactly what i wanted,, very nice man,,highly recommended,, thanks
  • Musclepaddy This guy is so awesome. He's ripped to shreds and still such a sweetheart
  • skip0416 amazing show so pumped awesome finale
  • nakedmuscle25_ awsome show
  • nakedmuscle25_ perfect.
  • nakedmuscle25_ good luck is in top shape
  • shyguy Nothing better than watching Joseph pump, flex and pose in his contest ready ripped!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pennbp1 The best. His physique is so incredible.
  • muni this guy is just perfect in every way,
  • nakedmuscle25_ what a show this is addicting. he is the best complete naked muscles
  • Musclepaddy Joseph is big and ripped like he is getting ready for a contest. Striations are unreal, and of course he is always so sweet and gentle
  • shyguy All I can do is rave about how muscular and striated and vascular Joseph is now! Prime condition before his completion!!!!
  • lelyke sexy, amazing, you mention it
  • nakedmuscle25_ too much one of the best. could go all night with him
  • mikeylikes Amazing guy. Big cumshot and great big bicep peaks
  • lelyke gives me exactly what i want
  • macharrow I love Joseph's shows. He's very friendly and awesome and gives me what I want. Great guy and too hot!
  • usagi34 Amazing performance
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • seanster998 Very Hot!!!
  • shaina Perfect, as always.
  • MemdhamBay Joseph Blessed is truly the BEST. Fantastic body and terrific personality. He always delivers, no matter what i ask. I keep coming back for more! Thank you Joseph.
  • pluto25910 BEST OF ALL! MUSCLE GOD!
  • limlim Nice show, plus he wanna do what I want!
  • lngjourney so sexy
  • shyguy A true champion!!! Muscular vascular and ripped all at once ,,, the total package.
  • seanster998 Awesome!!!
  • fedomingus wow amazing nipple play, i cum so hard.....
  • showANDjack JUST AMAZING!
  • roidman great show
  • shyguy Joseph is in top form for his competition in a week from now He blew me away!
  • skip0416 the best ripped contest ready body awesome
  • stephenc amazing abs, great poser.
  • dummyelf god and I will be back
  • tjosfca AWESOME!
  • straydread1 Thanks Joseph, you are incredible, handsome man, beautiful huge muscles all over.
  • skip0416 the best
  • sgboy cool! the best
  • graduate25 Loved this show. Joseph is so nice and amazing. I will definitely be back.
  • shibui4 Joey is the best. He only wants to make you happy!
  • jackam fun! did the job
  • isleboy437a HOT BODY!
  • shyguy Joseph made me feel extremely blessed! tonight!!
  • ozmstud Amazing near competition muscle ... So vascular and striated.
  • skip0416 simply the best, so ripped and vascular, incredible
  • shyguy Lucky to see Joseph in pre-competition shape...just like in the pump room and then oiled and like on stage. Pose down at the finale!!
  • BodyPro JUST GREAT!
  • armwreslr Awesome guy...great show!
  • globealo hot
  • testify Joseph performs GREAT for u in pvt
  • GJ24 Nice
  • shyguy Joseph is truly blessed with super muscles!!!
  • Joak169man Magnificent perfect huge muscles, better every time!
  • globealo hot!
  • samson9 such a beautiful body, and so friendly, so cooperative! I got all over him!
  • wainwright see u in Manila :} I loved every minuit of you salama sweet guy!
  • ronjak perfect
  • Luciddreamer loved it, gave me just what I wanted
  • shibui4 HOTTTT
  • Fibers VERY NICE GUY
  • mtrygg He was born sexy. OMG, what a hot guy. And very accommodating.
  • greginla best show on this site... don't be afraid to ask, he'll never tell, hehehe
  • shyguy The Champ!!
  • pec_lover Sexy and willing to please
  • 1mpressed amazing man
  • prp002 awesome
  • mtrygg He's so hot and accommodating. Best show I've see on this site.
  • SilverBullet334u Great show and he has a great personality. Thank you again for tonight. Will be back again.
  • samson9 So friendly -- and what a hot body!!
  • chereveur1 WOW
  • nursemaster YOU GET MY KINK !
  • joakman2 He is the best man for all your muscle needs, he likes it too! Enjoy him you will and more than five stars needed to rate him with justice!
  • sgboy never fail!!
  • laurentis very good looking asian bodybuilder
  • nursemaster THE BEST
  • adambrid70 Amazing
  • sugardaddy1a wonderfull, thx
  • assana08 what a hunk huge cock
  • joakman2 Fantastic superb posing and attention, have some fun with Joseph!
  • adambrid70 Always hot
  • buckeyebuilder AWESOME, handsome, huge, a great personality
  • shyguy nonstop muscle action!
  • Kga1947 that was great Joseph. will be looking for you to pose again.
  • joakman2 Incredible beautiful man who enjoys as much as you!
  • buder Image fronzen
  • pitchboy Very nice smile with a great body!
  • jonboy25 Huge and hot!
  • shibui4 amazing sweet and accommodating
  • dmoney934 That's a sexy man
  • happyfly He is this best entertainer and you wont be disappointed.
  • workin4it2 always amazing!!
  • greginla wasn't prepared to hear you talking to me in "group chat", but thanks! you are hot hot hot as always, and you should be arrested for having to wonderful a smile. :-D until next time... xoxo greg
  • shyguy Keep doing these group chats, your muscular body!!!!
  • ronjak Very nice and sexy!
  • joakman1 His fantastic perfection can't be beat! Look out competitors!
  • shibui4 cutest guy on the net!
  • jasonlo95 Really good guy to go with, strongly recommend it!
  • bigrayd I luv your cut cock
  • pecman Excellent! The best!
  • mlo_vah mmmmmmm
  • joakman1 Joseph is the best sexiest friend and lover you could ask for. Don't be jealous just love his beauty.
  • stevec SO HOT!!
  • dirtygirl This boi is the real deal! please check him out!
  • lusty_lr FANTASTIC......
  • adambrid70 What a great show!
  • alkurr thank you! I'll come back for moe another time :-)
  • ronjak Real sweetie! Loved it!
  • tattoosonthesky Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
  • joakman1 You have to see him he knows what his fan love and crave pure deliciously thick muscle.
  • k4888quinine So so hot!!
  • joakman1 What a fantastic show; posing perfection and expert commentary. Check his trophy shelf, he can't lose and you are the winner of his fine company..
  • retonne Great body, sexy attitude.
  • shibui4 You were great ! I will look for you every time!
  • redrocks Very accommodating. Nice guy and aims to please. I'll be back for more.
  • ppr999 very, very, very hot
  • ponemu great body and very funny champion. its a must