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230 lbs
5'9 ft
45 in
39 in
20 in
34 in
Joro is the kind of old-fashioned bodybuilder we get crazy about here at LMS. He’s a big, strong, and handsome man. With just one glance at him, you can tell Joro takes bodybuilding very seriously. No fitness virgin mega-gyms for him… no fancy steam baths or personal trainers in the latest fitness tights… nope. This man builds muscle the old fashioned way… he works at it! It shows in each and every defined line of Joro’s beautiful muscular form. Contact Joro now, at LMS!

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  • rfurrymen amazing body what a butt!
  • machobrace Very sexy! He does what you ask him to do. Friendly too!
  • skip0416 hot sexy pumped ripped body
  • bootybottombitch amazing as usual!
  • fitzguy this guy os so sexy, and friendly too xx
  • 5150dw Always a great show!!!!
  • leonal hot!
  • skip0416 amazing muscles body makes you cum
  • skip0416 joro is amazing great pumped muscle show very accommodating does what you want a true muscle god the best
  • skip0416 super hot muscle show
  • markb69 Thanks man for super hot session. Incredible cum load again man! Your the best!
  • lovelats2017 AMAZING show! Absolute perfection
  • rupert1980 great
  • macharrow Awesome guy! Thank you Joro!!
  • joshmx Simply the best posing routine!
  • looker888 Really hot!
  • Jackson2 Biger than ever
  • dillow50 Amazing performer and does everything I ask him. Also quite a handsome guy.
  • frskyfeler Joro is awesome! Such a great and BIG dude! Thanks buddy!
  • bobby3817 Sexy as fuck! Sweet guy too!
  • Kinsemini wonderful guy. friendly and sexy
  • macharrow I wish i had more time, but the time i did have, I loved every single bit of it!
  • frskyfeler Amazing guy with an incredible body and always such a nice guy as well. WOW
  • alex_28 amazing, amazing AMAZING!!
  • Jackson2 Magnificent masculine animal
  • bobby3817 Keeps getting better all the time. Throughly enjoyed my time with him.
  • bigmauri Great body and great personality !! great show!!
  • 5150dw Great show! Always smiling with those ripped muscles!
  • skip0416 hot sexy body
  • ICYOU247 He's beyond satisfying
  • 5150dw Another great show! Always growing and ripped!
  • frskyfeler Joro is amazing! Handsome sexy and one HUGE dude! WOW, thank you so much for the great time.
  • 5150dw Getting bigger every session! Totally hot and ripped!
  • joshmx Very nice flexing routine, personable and great smile!
  • frskyfeler Big dude with a big smile! Wow, what a body too. Thanks man!
  • gspot6 he is A-MAZING!!!!! His muscles are even better than i imagined, especially the pecs
  • calmuscle2000 wow!
  • 5150dw What a handsome man with a lot of muscle!!!!
  • jamose0878 so big, so perfect
  • nicktaylor what can I say, best of the best.
  • lvmuscle Lats to die for!!!!!
  • 5150dw Great guy, put on new muscle too!
  • phillymuscle Amazing
  • 5150dw What a sexy man and a great poser!!!!!
  • nicktaylor a full hot-as-hell show
  • 5150dw Very hot! Great smile with some tight muscle!
  • skip0416 hot sexy muscle
  • zami82 sexy show
  • skip0416 sexy hot guy
  • 5150dw Very nice show! Hot, pumped, and ready to go!
  • stephenc great posing, sexy dude
  • tony69 Very Sexy GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nicktaylor Baby always give me the best thing!
  • skip0416 the best great show
  • stumps X
  • skip0416 the best sexiest guy on here great body
  • skip0416 hot sexy muscled body
  • dummyelf excellent
  • bobby3817 Very friendly handsome Bulgarian!!! Beautiful body! Sexy as fuck!
  • negreira good ass very friendly
  • yasinx20 Sexy big amazing huge!
  • nicktaylor my one and only, my big love, so sweet.
  • BigMuscleFan88 Show was amazing! Extremely nice guy, and VERY hot!!!
  • priapus Beautiful man with great muscular build. A pec man myself and Joro's are great and he is very good at flexing them.
  • backlash yummy is the only word I can think of right now. Ill be back for more mmmmm
  • nicktaylor best of the best. big fan here
  • hoganshere Sweet and sexy and huge!
  • Trucker2013 He is perfect! So very sexy.
  • jalonde Hot
  • nicktaylor such a nice guy with such a hot body, wish I could have more credits for him
  • webruce wow awesome build thanks
  • pauliep sexy guy;;...make him smile while he strokes his cock...sooo hot
  • tropicstud Beautiful body and great attitude!
  • kfunkmob86 Thanks for a hot show!
  • libraarbil calienteeeeeeee
  • coachwojo1970 Sexy cute guy.
  • TonyG44 Fun guy; great body.
  • DonSmit Super hot show! Joro shows everything! will be back for more!
  • joenyc always great show
  • brand90 I ran out of time. He's so hot and very friendly. Boyfriend material. hehe
  • leonal hot
  • Smelter Very accomodating and BIG
  • mangrove007 fat small cock
  • Francois13 Nice body, handsome face, great ass!
  • APTitan93 awesome
  • ottjock AMAZING show - nice guy and hot body!
  • ricardin amazing.................. god love u
  • nicktaylor Really nice and hot muscle hunk. Thank you for showing that, I'm totally satisfied. 5 stars.
  • dseag2 Wow, very sexy!
  • brandon4126 Nice show...
  • larz001 THE BEST AND MOST AMAZING!!!!!
  • petercock he sos hot
  • korubee nice
  • dseag2 You are really hot Georgi.
  • alex8881 great guy....
  • spense2me The hottest show ever! Everything about him is big!
  • jc58 Very hot, friendly guy. Great body.
  • mozjones AWESOME!
  • mophil JUST TOTALLY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FULLY ADDICTED
  • rtpp123 Sensual, very giving of his time...knows how to strip..follows your directional desires...
  • joenyc always a hot show, very sexy
  • tropicstud Nice body!
  • wel2878 nice guy
  • joeyugi a best
  • blueyesonly good show
  • marcinho hot guy, amasing body
  • bigguy Joro is so great. beautiful body and such a great private sessioin. You will love this guy!
  • richie123 Beautiful body and nice, thick cock. Excellent!!!
  • Roger2012 Awesome show and an amazing model!!!
  • samson9 Sweet and slow and beautiful body!
  • bodybrazil Nice show!
  • joenyc Joro gives an excellent show. very hot and very handsome with a beautiful body.
  • shyguy That was a good intro to Joro...got to watch him pose...in great shape,too...3 weeks out from competition.
  • glatze36muc Great show! Great Body to worship!
  • dl2xar7m good