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Jack Parker

255 lbs
5'9 ft
57 in
33 in
21 in
33 in
Tall dark and handsome, with ‘matinee idol’ looks, and a name to go with it… meet Jack Parker, the rising star of LMS! When you check out Jack’s muscular definition and symmetry, your eyes will be drawn to his rock hard chest, his shoulders and his arms that are so big they could crush you. All of that muscle is anchored on top of Jack’s curving thick legs. By the way, Jack wants his worshipers to know that he loves to be massaged, especially when it’s done with hot oil. Don’t you think it’s about time you got to know this muscle man named Jack Parker? We guarantee you'll be glad you did! Contact Jack now, only at

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  • Ant_London brilliant
  • jacksal Amazing body and huge all over :)
  • plex1 The guy is a beast. Simply massive
  • Wildo13 perfect as always
  • skip0416 amazing huge muscle
  • dillow50 Massive and handsome guy. Loved private with him
  • here4you Very accommodating
  • Wildo13 PERFECT :D
  • hugebicepseeker huge muscle
  • Wildo13 Really cute and sexy i love him *~*
  • Bigbloke4 Amazing - A must to take private
  • donFy Very sexy!! Very hot show!!
  • kraykid was ok
  • kraykid great
  • carpark hes the best
  • bernus1900 love muscle and attitude
  • mangrove007 thanks so much Jack...such a beefy friendly guy!
  • musclelive91 Thank you for the show, you look amazing!
  • nash899 Thank you
  • MemdhamBay Very nice show. I like that you did not try to stretch the time out. Very nice guy. Glad i met you tonight. I will see you again my new friend.
  • carpark best guy here, very hot ass!
  • stormy83 Sexy as.
  • ddddff perfect
  • joshmx wow
  • 5150dw What a cum show, very sexy!!!!!
  • 5150dw Huge muscles and loves to show off!
  • roidman AWesome show!!!
  • calvin8 Great, huge show!
  • nakedmuscle25_ good show nice naked muscle
  • bravo_post If you like big beefy muscle!
  • 5150dw Huge and muscular! Very nice guy!
  • ww163 Total STUD!!! Nice guy, HUGE everywhere, HOT - excellent!!!!!
  • macharrow Huge guy! Awesome show.... this man has some great size and doesnt mind showing it off
  • nycewolf great show. do everything u want. huge and nice guy.
  • frskyfeler Jack is amazing! Huge dude and very friendly. Thanks again buddy! You made my night!
  • a_o_k good show.. hot man. Lighting needs work.. :(
  • markjohn thanks, great!
  • 5150dw Great muscle, awesome at posing, perfect guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • maine0987 Amazing!
  • Kingohearts very nice
  • janeyxxx Beautiful body and great cum shot, worth every penny as always, thanks Jack X
  • 5150dw Thank you! Huge and awesome, loves to pose and is great at it. Wants to please!
  • A2daX83 Great guy, truely amazing! Loved the show!
  • eden64 Hot show!
  • BigblokeXXL AMAZING
  • kraykid amazin
  • muslnicknj Thanks bud. I shot my load a few secs after seeing your ass. wish I could taste it in person;-)
  • eddiejf Simply beautiful. awesome rear lats
  • leonal amazeballs
  • looker888 so hot!!!! and nice guy too.
  • 5150dw Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great show and muscles!!!
  • hmoreno Sexy man with a big beefy body. It was a pleasure.
  • TonyNoretti Extremely accommodating and amazing shape. Very nice guy with a great personality and body to match. Highly recommended,
  • TonyNoretti Amazing show. Very friendly and accommodating. Jack is one of the best on here.Nice guy too!
  • looker888 Hot!!
  • danvio Beautiful, all the way, thank you Jack. :)
  • TonyNoretti One of the best. Is honest and does what you ask. Amazing man.,
  • bernus1900 huge man....really great show
  • showmepecs Accommodating
  • 5150dw Great show, unbelievable size!
  • jonnyrapp Amazing guy - huge!!!
  • Vincenthorny533 Jack is a powerful guy. Very friendly, sexy and generous. He takes care of your desire, very nice person. Thanks for this amazing show. See you soon bro. Kiss.
  • sedapskali very good
  • 5150dw Great show, kept right on posing!
  • stefan34 Truely amazing!
  • roidman powerful show! he's huge!!!
  • SwimGuy Very impressive guy!
  • dermo fantastic and so co-operative
  • nycewolf Truly Huge and awsome poser
  • dermo wow and wow
  • csb9273 great show.
  • TruckerBeau What a stud! Sexy accent, too.
  • Hilbkw BEST HERE
  • mike_1985_29 Brilliant. Huge muscles. Nice dick
  • roidman Fantastic Beast!!!!! Huge!
  • skip0416 incredible massive body
  • musclefan22 Really huge and great poser!
  • frskyfeler Jack is one HUGE dude. Very nice and knows how to drive me crazy. That body is simply unreal.
  • tropicstud Huge all over!
  • janey Jack AWAYS delivers right from the start. Beautiful pro bodybuilder physique, movie star handsome and quite possibly one the the best dicks I have ever seen!
  • Trucker2013 Such an amazing man. Sexy and generous. l will look for him again.
  • tony69 Hot!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ww163 Jack is friendly, easygoing, confident, and massive. Oh and smoking hot handsome! Awesome chat!
  • webruce Thanks buddy your amazing awesome build
  • shyguy excellent muscles
  • luvpecsandarms Nice show.... nearing a competition for him so he's nicely big
  • roidman perfect and big!
  • Jackson2 Beautfiul man, does what you ask, sweet big muscles
  • dumbelle Super big and such a friendly gent he is always gonna get repeat business! Thank you
  • BigLukeII Hot man!
  • looker888 really hot guy, obliging, no game.
  • mmk090267 fucking amazing stud - so huge! he is big all over!
  • macharrow I'm sorry that i didnt have much, i did enjoyed you Jack!
  • flaviob Huge! and very nice person! Highly recommended!
  • bigcraig1O8 big strong muscle
  • gianni8989 He's the best ...cute and hard
  • gianni8989 Amazing this big boy... Today he made my prepare myself coming down and fly to my home in Penn Thank for ur time and amaze me with ur sweet boy!!..:)
  • gianni8989 Magnificent!!! My idol
  • gianni8989 Nice big boy.... I would like to have gotten a liitle more...maybe next time....
  • Trucker2013 Love him! So sexy.
  • littleguy Likes to ask questions.
  • nycewolf huge and nice great guy
  • jeeb awesome
  • Trucker2013 Dreams to come true. I have been dreaming from him before I knew him. Great time with him!
  • testify thanks jack
  • jack9000 Huge guy willing to show everything - well worth a private show!
  • janey Beautiful body, perfect ass and extremely suckable cock!
  • pecs55 he seems like a nice guy
  • wwowww awesome muscle show, nice friendly guy
  • pawdude AWESOME body - works hard to keep this body so HUUUGE. Yeahhhh.
  • muscleup very handsome. great body!!
  • jack9000 What a gorgeous guy, amazing body and killer ass!
  • musclguy outstanding
  • wwowww damn amazing flexing!!!!! killing abs!
  • chereveur1 he is hot from face so that balances his attitude and lack of communication, but his face is damn damns hot.. home fatal. and lovely person.
  • jason_dante good
  • jesserma good show
  • bernus1900 love that guy
  • musclemad need to speak and understand english better, and cam is very blury and slow
  • femsub You want a tip? I'll give you one (and this goes for all the hosts): Don't waste time & $$ by making unnecessary conversation such as when I tell you I'm from (insert random location) that it's always been your dream to visit there but you never have due to a lack of funds.
  • pitchboy Very nice. Amazing body!!!
  • msclver hot man.
  • aj169400 AWESOME AND THE BEST!
  • lala69 :) Awesome
  • blueyesonly pretty good
  • cash4master amazing
  • hardarm will be back.need to add money
  • shyguy Jack Parker is so muscular...makes you want to cum back for more!
  • in2musc wish he would have talked to me - but looks fucking amazing!
  • Tailz612 wasted my time...tried to stall...not worth it
  • shyguy Pic froze at the end or Jack went off line but I was entranced by his muscularity and had fun in the private!
  • torontohunter Jack has an incredible body and a very handsome face. He will do well
  • alex8881 so hot.... nice abs
  • gabox69 GOOD
  • chereveur1 sexy face and nice boy
  • paulyT very hot, could stand to follow directions more.
  • danibarz amazing man
  • SeanJM handsome guy with a big muscle body. Great biceps
  • marcg thanks and thick tool!
  • aaron1234 He's good!
  • readynow You are so hot! Thank you very much for a great show.
  • okabe Has to get used to the site. He needs time.